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James Montgomery Creative Writing A car drives by, late by the speed of it, unaware of its surroundings: a rural town, near empty and all that remains there are the leftovers of fond memories. It flashes by, the dust clinging to the tires in the last hope that the 21 st century might pay attention to its roots, but a hose of disgust is the only response. As the dirt settles, an eerie silence drifts over the town, as most shrouds do, and the memories resume their fading. Among them an old woman sits, rocking back and forth on a seemingly handcrafted rocker that has been marred by history and a rich past. She rocks somewhat melodically, hypnotiz- ing herself into the same trance she resumes every morning. The porch that encases her is as old as her marriage would be; decrepit to say the least with floorboards miss- ing or gnawed and spindles broken with depression. The roof sags and timbers hold up by the sheer sadness that would inflict her if they gave in. Two tracks are eroded into the only planks left alone by time, but not by her reminiscent rocking: the sort to last her
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