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James Montgomery Pitches 1 A story about the life of a regular family or couple living in a town plagued by monsters and the superheroes fighting them. Plot could include the characters finally trying to stand up to crime and either they die or they are fired from the ‘cast.’ Characters and story may be framed as a comic book or movie style angle, but the characters are un- aware. e.g. the family is written to act a certain way (screaming and running and still liv- ing in the city) but they really don’t know why. reminds me of the movie ‘stranger than fiction’ 2 similar angle as the first pitch except from ‘bad guy’ angle 3 widow living alone in a split style rowhome or apartment(where it is only slightly possible to recognize the daily goings on of the person living next to you. (yes this is inspred by
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Unformatted text preview: that prompt) widow obviously concerned with the goings on of the neighbor, although never actually seeing the neighbor. hears things from nextdoor, just enough to keep her fixated on finding out what’s going on over there. eventually convinces herself to go into the other livingspace only to find nothing at all, no one lives there. must face her own in-sanity. 4 story of a straight man who doesn’t wish to get married to a woman for whatever reas-on, either they’ve got cooties or he’s infertile, but he doesn’t want to explain it to his overbearing mother so he pretends to be gay and gets involved with a man and uses him as a ‘beard’. eventually has to come to terms with the truth and his mom forgives him or whatever. the lengths that people will go to avoid confrontation....
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