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James Montgomery 04-03-2010 Sociology of Sexuality 01:920:292:01 Professor Arlene Stein Dude, You’re a Fag Essay/Exam Question 1 Gender Roles: Bending Humanity Apparently, for as long as we know, humanity has been segregated through the use of gender roles and sexual scripts. These have guided youths to become either breadwinners or nurturers and ultimately define the people who read these scripts to be what society wants them to be. A man is supposed to be powerful and provide for his family whereas a woman is supposed to care for family etc. These roles have been in place so long that it seems like it would doom society to change to a more equal distri- bution of influence and power. This power and dominance is clearly found in C.J. Pas- coe’s “Dude, You’re a Fag,” where she observes and examines the simply expected cul- ture of masculine superiority at River High. Drawing from her explanations, I find that the sublime influence of gender roles is detrimental to all groups of people: straight, gay, boy, or girl. As the foremost example of presumed masculine superiority, touching can present itself so innocently and yet turn into slightly violent and evidently dominating predicaments. As seen by Pascoe:
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“They circled each other in mock-wrestling positions as Darnell yelled ‘I don’t need a singlet to beat you, lady!’ She advanced towards Darnell, performing karate kicks with her legs and chops with her arms. Darnell yelled, ‘That’s not wrestling!’ and grabbed her torso, flipping her flat on her back. She pulled him down [and ended up straddling his waist.] Finally Darnell won the match by picking Christina up and throwing her over his shoulders.”(98) This is evidence of two things. The first is that as the masculine character Darnell feels the need to continually push the situation further into aggression so that Christina, the feminine, would not beat him at his own game and thus give his peers leeway to mock
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genderroles - James Montgomery Sociology of Sexuality...

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