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Study Guide exam #1 Two of these questions, or a close approximation, will appear on the exam. You will choose one to write about. Be sure to write a well organized essay, drawing upon readings and lectures. 1. How do sociobiologists such as Thornhill and Palmer account for why some men rape? How would Catherine MacKinnon and other radical feminists respond to their claims? Which account-- sociobiology or feminism—provides a better explanation, do you think? Why? Where do you think Katie Roiphe would stand in this debate? 2. Simon LeVay and other medical researchers believe they have isolated the cause of homosexuality. Explain LeVay ‘s findings and the limitations of his study. How might Sigmund Freud respond to LeVay’s explanation of homosexuality and its supposed causes? Which do you think provides a better account of the origins of homosexuality? If neither provide a viable account, say what you think their limitations. 3. Religions regulate women’s sexuality in different ways. Compare Jewish
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Unformatted text preview: purity rituals to Muslim modesty rules, drawing upon the readings of Kaufman and Mernissi. What do they have in common? How do they differ? Do you think that they empower women or oppress them? 4. Jeffrey Weeks suggests that we are in the midst of a sexual crisis. What forces have contributed to this crisis, according to Weeks? On the basis of what you have learned so far in the course, do you agree with him? Why or why not? 5. Feminists differ in their beliefs about heterosexuality. Some say the main problem is that women are not encouraged to fully express their desires. Others say that the problem is that men do not respect women’s bodies, and often behave aggressively toward them. Patricia Hill Collins complicates this debate by introducing the element of race. Imagine a discussion between Patricia Hill Collins and Catherine MacKinnon. What do you think they would say to each other?...
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