Study+Guide+Exam+II+Cells - Hydrophobic vs. hydrophilic...

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Biology 101 – Germantown Exam II – Study Guide The following topics will be covered on the next exam. Define/explain the following terms: Cells Characteristics of life Hooke Leeuwenhoek Cell Theory Types of microscopes/uses Prokaryotic cell characteristics Eukaryotic cell characteristics Plant vs. animal cell structure Cell wall Chloroplast Central vacuole Eukaryotic cell structure Nucleus Nucleolus Chromosomes Nuclear membrane RER SER Ribosome Golgi apparatus Vesicles Lysosomes Mitochondria Cytoplasm Plasma Membrane Phospholipids, proteins
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Unformatted text preview: Hydrophobic vs. hydrophilic Diffusion Osmosis Hypertonic vs. Hypotonic vs. Isotonic Motion Flagella Cilia Chemistry Atom Ion Atomic number Atomic Mass Electron Proton Ionic bond Ionic compounds (salt) Covalent bond Polar covalent bond Nonpolar covalent bond Hydrogen bond Acid vs. base pH Buffer Organic Chemistry Carbohydrate Characteristics Structure Monomers Fats (Lipids) Characteristics Structure Monomers Proteins Characteristics Structure Monomers Nucleic Acids...
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Study+Guide+Exam+II+Cells - Hydrophobic vs. hydrophilic...

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