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5 - China impact on global environment Source The Great...

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China – impact on global environment Source : The Great Leap Backwards by Elizabeth C Economy Definition : China's environmental problems are mounting- water pollution, water scarcity etc etc They think the economic miracle will end soon because the environment can no longer keep pace. China's rapid development, often called an economic miracle has become an environmental disaster. China’s environmental problems affect the rest of the world Example : Japan and south korea have long suffered from the acid rain produced by china’s coal fired power plants … About 25% of the particulates in the atmosphere in LA originated in China China dumps into its waters it is also polluting the rest of the world Also the largest importer of illegally logged timber in the world In the view of china’s leaders, the environmental problem is a secondary problem. Their greatest concern is its indirect effects, the threat it poses to the continuation of the Chinese economic miracle and to public health, social
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