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George Ayittey- NO! AID WON’T HELP!!! MDGs Are a waste of TIME ! Africa remains povertry striken So many western governments, development agencies, and individuals have tried to help a continent that they do not understand. “the truth is that Africa really doesn’t need foreign aid” the resources it needs can be found in Africa itself basically gives history and past experiences that show that Africa doesn’t need foreign aid. Also due to monumental leadership failure SMART AID- would be that which empowers African civil society and community based groups to monitor
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Unformatted text preview: aid money and to instigate reform from within. ● The entire western foreign aid program needs to be critically evaluated by people outside the government before even more money is wasted. ● Highlights the idea that the reason that aid money has not proved effective is that it constantly “leaks” out of Africa, largely due to corruption. Much of what is given is pocketed by corrupt leaders and officials, or spent on the military and wasted in civil wars. He says that Africa needs institutional reform if aid money is to be effective....
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