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Unformatted text preview: Ethnicity as a social network and social sanction: Definition: Ethnicity acts as a social network because you are interacting with people that have the same things in common (language, extended family). Within ethnic groups social networks are much tighter and information flows more quickly, thus within a group an individual can be more easily sanctioned (in group sanction) and held accountable for their actions since everyone in the group knows them/info flows more quickly. Significance: Why ethnicity as a social network? Because you interact with people you have things in common with. Co-ethnics have a lot in common: extended familial relationships, language, cultural events, ethnic governance, structures, geographical segregation, background, history, etc. Cite/Example: Professor Rosss Lecture 12 Ethnic Diversity. Example: In Uganda, the task was to find a given stranger within 24 hours and give them a note. The result: It was much more likely to find a co-ethnic stranger in the given time period than a non-coethnic one for fear...
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