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Relationship between fertility and infant morality: Definition: Higher infant mortality rate leads to higher fertility rate. When infant mortality rates are high, fertility rates are also high - people would have a lot of children because few would survive to adulthood. Contraceptives, education, television, and women joining the formal work force, all affects the relationship between fertility and infant mortality. Significance: In regard to security, the amount of children women have, correlates to the possible security that the mother’s will receive when old as they can count on their children. When women join the formal labor force, there is a drop in fertility, and a rise in reproductive health. Cite/Example: Professor Ross’s Lecture 9 “ Women and Development”. Example: Bangladeshi women who work in sweatshops in a 1998 report stated of having a greater self- confidence, more bargaining with men, greater social networks, and learned about health and
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Unformatted text preview: contraception. Triple Whammy of Poverty Definition: A pattern of three distinct problems linked to extreme poverty: (1) incomes are small, (2) cash flows are irregular and unpredictable, and (3) existing financial instruments are unreliable and not suited to the erratic cash flow patterns. Significance: The triple whammy is a more complex way of examining extreme poverty. Poor households are unable to break the poverty trap because of these fundamental problems. Micro-finance is one solution to this phenomenon because micro-finance helps to smooth consumption levels, significantly reduce the need to sell assets to meet basic needs, and cope with sudden increased expenses (associated with death, serious illness, etc.). Cite/example: lecture 5/22 and The “Triple-Whammy” of Poverty; examples: refer to triple whammy reading...
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