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Bottom Billion--Definition: Definition: According to Collier the bottom billion are the people living in 58 countries that are falling behind in development. These are stuck at the bottom and characterized by stagnating and also declining economic growth. Significance : These countries live in harsh conditions with low life expectancy and high levels of civil war. People who work in development are not talking economic growth and rather poverty reduction Collier believes that in doing this we are ignoring the central problem of the bottom billion which is that they have not grown. In practice the problem is denied by the development biz and buzz. The biz tend to look more at the 5billion people in developing countries instead of the bottom billion that are not. While the buzz focuses on bottom billion but because they generally are opinion builders they have to keep the message simple. Cite/Example : Paul Collier (2007), The Bottom Billion. A country that is in the bottom billion is Haiti. Bottom Billion--Conflict Trap:
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