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Unformatted text preview: Intergenerational transmission of HIV: Definition : There is a higher transmission rate of HIV between people of different age groups, and more precisely between teenage girls and middle aged men. Significance : Adolescent girls in poor families in developing countries often do not have the option to make real choices about their sexual and reproductive lives, such as when and whom to marry, whether and when to have children and how many to have, and whether to use contraceptives. Gender analysis in relation to HIV/AIDS has tended to focus on women of reproductive age, and infrequently on young girls, because young women and girls are increasingly being targeted for sex by older men seeking safe partners and also by those who erroneously believe that a man infected with HIV/AIDS will get rid of the disease by having sex with a virgin. So HIV/AIDS epidemic has been fuelled by gender inequality and unequal power relations. Marrying or having sexual relations only with those who belong to one’s age group relations....
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