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20. Define and explain the significance of Tomahawk Rights. Answer as concisely as possible. Tomahawk rights were secured by deadening trees on land and marking this improvement on tree bark. Marking trees became a common sign of possession. These extralegal rights were bought, sold and transferred just like official titles. 21. In “Monitoring Corruption: Evidence from a Field Experiment,” how does Olken measure corruption? Does his own independent cost assessment and compares it to the village project expenditures. 22. Why does Justin Yifu Lin face an arrest warrant? He defected to Mainland China from his native Taiwan. 23. According to de Soto, what is the best model for a successful formal property system? a) The U.S. b) extralegal social contracts c) the “capitalization process” d) a strong central bureaucracy e) none of the above 24. Under the American law of preemption, settlers could purchase land before it was offered for public sale as long as they… a) said, “Pretty please!” b) lived on it for a required amount of time.
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1 - Copy - Copy (6) - 20 Define and explain the...

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