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1 - Copy - Copy (7) - ethnic nationalism 3 What is one way...

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31. What is one of Indonesia’s successes and what is one price has Indonesia paid for it? Successes: --Prevented the military to run amuck. --Not one political faction can dominate. --Islamist threat. ...made it not so Price: --Poor-quality democracy. --had to accommodate these people thus contributed to a lower quality as mentioned above 32. What is Malaysiakini? a) An Island in Malaysia b) An online newspaper c) A political party d) An Islamist group Reading Quiz Questions Weeks 5-9 1. According to Miguel, what is an important distinction between Kenya and Tanzania? a) Ethnic diversity b) Nationalism c) Micro-loan default rates d) None of the above 2. According to Beissinger, what drove democratization in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania? Answer in no more than two words.
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Unformatted text preview: ethnic nationalism 3. What is one way in which ethnic nationalism can help democratization? 4. The oldest financial institution in the Americas is a) A pawnshop in Mexico City b) Native American credit circles c) Colonial lending firms d) Bank of America 5. The “tunnel effect” should last longer (i.e. people should be more tolerant of inequality) in societies that are a) Ethnically diverse b) Ethnically homogeneous c) Not located in Africa d) None of the above 6. Briefly explain your answer to #5. If you see people that are like you advancing you are more likely to think oh hey I can advance too, versus people who are ethnically diverse, you will attribute their advancement to perhaps your differences....
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1 - Copy - Copy (7) - ethnic nationalism 3 What is one way...

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