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7. Collier thinks that what “Africa+” most needs to rise out of the bottom billion is a) Growth b) Economic stability c) Less corruption d) Factor endowments 8. Who was Ken Saro-Wiwa? a) The dictator of Equatorial Guinea b) A leader of the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta c) The Ogoni leader of a nonviolent campaign against Shell. d) None of the above 9. Ross suggests three main mechanisms whereby oil may hinder democracy. Name one. rentier effect, repression effect and modernization effect 10. In “Oil, Islam, and Women,” what is one of the dependent variables? female labor force participation, # of seats in Parliament 11. What is one of Ross’ suggestions for overcoming the problem of “blood barrels?” international protocol--knowing the origins of the oil (like blood diamonds) transparency 12. What is Sachs’ opinion on the role of markets in solving environmental problems? a) Free markets allow industries to pollute and must be regulated.
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Unformatted text preview: b) Free markets provide incentives for industries to be clean and efficient and should not be regulated. c) Markets are important, but not enough to solve environmental problems. d) None of the above 13. Name one advantage of randomized evaluations. replicability There are others: 14. Name one disadvantage of randomized evaluations. trade off betwen internal validity and external validity-is it really generalizable? Is it ethnical? There are others: 15. What is one example of a development intervention that researchers have evaluated using random treatments? Free uniforms and school attendance Free malaria nets vs. malaria nets @ a cost (look at drop in uptake) Free school food and attendance Water disinfectant uptake of clean water @ a price/discounted rate Progresa: cash incentives for participation in school Scholarships and school attendance Hive results: small incentives and time lines for result pick ups...
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1 - Copy - Copy (8) - b) Free markets provide incentives...

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