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fb1_22 - PROBLEM 1.22 KNOWN FSO = 1000 N FIND ec SOLUTION...

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Unformatted text preview: PROBLEM 1.22 KNOWN: FSO = 1000 N FIND: ec SOLUTION From the given specifications, the elemental errors are estimated by: CL = 0.001 x 1000N =1N eH = 0.001 x IOOON =1N eR = 0.0015 x 1000N =1.5N ez = 0.002 x 1000N = 2N The overall instrument error is estimated as: e. = (12 +12 +1.52 + 22)“2 = 2.9N COMMENT This root-sum-square (RS S) method provides a "probable" estimate) of the instrument error possible in any here as error values will most likely change be estimate (i.e. the most likely given measurement. "Possible" is a big word tween measurements. 3 t i i 1—20 ...
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