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AP Bio Midterm Exam Review Checklist Ch # Topic 2 Basic Chemistry 3 prop of water – how do they impact life? 4 Carbon & Molecular divers 5 Structure of Macromolecules how do hydrogen bonds affect the struc & func of organic molecules? 6 An intro to metabolism reconsider how environmental factors impact enzyme rxn rates. 7 Tour of the cell membrane pathways 8 water potential!!! 9 Cell respiration 10 Photosynthesis 11 Cell communication 12 Cell cycle 16 Molecular basis of inheritance (DNA Struc & replic) history of DNA discovery be able to describe the process of replication 17 From gene to protein be able to describe how genetic info is transcribed, translated, and how proteins actually affect cells be able to describe how/why various mutations will/will not affect finished proteins
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18 Microbial models only covers through 337 29 Plant diversity: colonization of land Focus on major
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Unformatted text preview: evolutionary steps plants have taken over time 30 Plant diversity II: evolution of seed plants • Focus on major evolutionary steps plants have taken over time 35 Plant structure & function • 36 Transport in plants • 37 Plant nutrition • 38 Plant reproduction & development • 39 Control systems in plants • • 45 Homeostasis – review calcium homeostasis and glucose homeostasis (done with cell signaling chapter) • 48 Nervous system • Focus on how nerves send / receive cell signals (see guided notes) 50 Intro to ecology & the biosphere • Focus on the ppt concepts (we skipped around) • For ch 50 & 54 – always try to ask: how do humans impact this cycle or process? (eg carbon cycle, acid rain, eutrophication) 54 Ecosystems • Focus on the ppt concepts (we skipped around) • Review the introduction to the DO lab packet (AP lab #12)...
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AP_Bio_-__Midterm_Exam_Review_Checklist_2006-07 -...

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