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AP Bio – “Evolution of an Organ System” Summative Project BY THE DAY WE RETURN FROM VACATION: - CHAPTER 32 : You are responsible for reading it and knowing all the bold print terms - CHAPTERS : The enclosed outline is for the major Phyla and classes of Animals. Your assignment is to fill it in with notes. They should include key characteristics that are found in all members of that toxon. Any unique characteristics that make its members identifiable should be recorded here. This is also a place to include example species. This list is arranged phylogenetically indicating the evolutionary relationships of each phyla. - Begin to conduct research on your assigned organ system. RESEARCH / SYNTHESIS PAPER: You will examine a system and variations of accomplishing the same function within each phylum. Each essay will include the functions of the systems, and how they are adapted to various organisms (AP Theme V – Relationship of Structure & Function). They should also show evolutionary relationships
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