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Ch_24_Questions - 8 What is a Hybrid Zone and how does it...

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AP Biology Ch 24 Questions 1) Define Biological Species 2) What are the 5 Pre-zygotic barriers which prevent interspecies mating? (Describe each) 3) What are the 3 Post-zygotic barriers of interspecies mating? 4) If an organism reproduces asexually, how can you designate a species using the biological species definition? Are there any alternatives for determining the species? 5) How does finding a set of subspecies support the theory of evolution? 6) What is allopatric speciation? 7) What is sympatric speciation?
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Unformatted text preview: 8) What is a Hybrid Zone, and how does it make defining a species difficult? 9) What are the pro & cons of Punctuated Equilibrium in the context of paleontology & evolution ( Catastrophism v. Gradualism ) ? 10) What is allometric growth? 11) How do paedomorphosis, heterochrony, and Hox genes relate to each other? You must also answer the Self-quiz questions, (explain your answers) and the challenge question at the end of the chapter....
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