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Chapter 22 Questions 1) What is “Scala nature” 2) What did Carolus Linnaeus contribute to Natural Theology 3) What did Georges Cuvier study, and what theory did he derive? 4) a. What are the 2 major mistakes in Lamark’s “sentiments interieurs” b. What is his positive contribution to evolution? 5) a. Who published the first paper on evolution that was almost identical to Darwin’s theories. b. If Darwin wasn’t the first to publish his ideas, why is he always given the credit?
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Unformatted text preview: 6) Which species (also studies by Peter & Rosemary Grant of Princeton) in the Galapagos islands did Darwin use to support his theory of “descent with modification?” 7) What are the significance of following to evolution? a. transitional fossils b. vestigial organs c. homologous structures...
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