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Name: ______________ Date: _________ Period: ____ “Cancer Warriors” Viewing Guide Key terms:  tumor metastasis Clinical trials angiogenesis angiogenic supressors /  inhibitors Angiostatin Endostatin Viewing Questions: 1. Explain the difference in cell growth observed in cancer cells placed first in an  2. What is angiogenesis? When does it normally occur? 3. Why is angiogenesis vital for tumors to grow? 4. Why is the cornea a good place to prove that tumor angiogenesis happens? 5. Why is cartilage a good potential source of angiogenic inhibitors?
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6. In searching for existing drugs that are angiogenic inhibitors, thalidomide seemed  quite promising.  Why? 7. in various cells.   Fill in the blanks using the terms  high, low, none. Cell type
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AP_Bio_-_cancer_warriors_video_60_min - Name Date Period...

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