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Sociology of Medicine and Health CLASS 1

Sociology of Medicine and Health CLASS 1 - II What kind of...

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Introduction – Lecture 1 I. What is Medical Sociology? A. Who gets sick? (illness/death is not evidently distributed in population) i. People in high education live longer/healthier 1. Knowledge hypothesis – know more about health 2. Motivation hypothesis – live a better quality life, therefore, more incentive to stay healthy 3. Health behavior hypothesis – they don’t drink as much, smoke less, wear seat belts, exercise more, etc. 4. Genetic hypothesis – parents tend to have healthier genes who also had higher education too ii. Freshmen living in dorms have 3 times greater risk of contracting meningitis than other college students. (bacteria form – very rare) 1. Crowding hypothesis – sharing germs 2. Lack of immunity hypothesis – freshmen haven’t been to college before and therefore are not expose to the germs before a. If not treated can lead to death b. Very contagious, droplets in breath c. Older college students expose to the germs, therefore, develop immunity
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Unformatted text preview: II. What kind of health care do people get? (clinics, parents doctor, none?) A. US medical science is the best in the world i. New discoveries/techniques to prolonging life B. But not all US citizens have access to health care. (Most do not have health insurance – about 15%) i. Poor people, children, mentally ill, and some others are examples of people without insurance. 1. College graduates – most first jobs do not have good benefits ii. Emergency rooms – unless you are dying, treatment is not great. 1. They do not offer preventive care 2. If you don’t have insurance you will wait longer 3. Private hospitals do not have to take people without insurances III. Explore medical care myths A. US citizens are the healthiest people in the World i. US is about 20 th on the list ii. Determined by infant mortality rate and life span B. Medical hoaxes i. Things that cause cancer ii. Flesh eating banana peels iii. “butt spider”...
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Sociology of Medicine and Health CLASS 1 - II What kind of...

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