Sociology of Medicine and Health CLASS 3

Sociology of Medicine and Health CLASS 3 - Class 3 More...

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Class 3 – More Topics in Medical Sociology – 1/29 XIV. Organization of Healthcare Providers A. Education and training of physicians, nurses, physician assistants. 1) Issue: Medical students are overworked and underpaid. They don’t get enough sleep = they get into car accidents, premature birth, make errors in patient care, etc., Study shows that Medical error has cause thousands of lives. (Consumers should not go to the hospital at night or weekends because Residents works during those times. Also in July is the month of medical newbies) B. Professional relationships among healthcare providers 1) Doctors and nurses: Important for patient care and outcome. Occasionally have conflicts because of status. Doctors make 6 figures while burses make about 68,000 (pay differential). Nurses spend more time with patients than do doctors. 2) Doctors and Doctors: Different doctors get different pay. Surgeons make more than low psychologists and pediatricians. XV. Sociology of the hospital A. Very Complex social organization 1. Medical hierarchy - Physicians at the top 2. Business hierarchy (Administrative) - Deal with business aspect, run finances of hospital. (Ex: MHA; they move around a lot because they’re the scapegoat. Conflict: Medical wants expensive technology vs. Business wants to spend less Ex: Only 60% of hospital beds are occupied. This is part of the reason why they want to spend less money. B. Different types of hospitals with different rules 1. Public vs. Private Hospitals Public- has to treat all patients Private- can reject patients unless any is in life threaten crisis then they have to treat. Sometimes Private DUMPs(ships) the patients to public hospitals to save money and plus public
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Sociology of Medicine and Health CLASS 3 - Class 3 More...

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