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Class 3- More Topics in Medical Sociology XIV. Organization of health care providers A. Education and training of physicians, nurses, physician assistants B. Professional relationships among health care providers XV. Sociology of the hospital A. Very complex social organization B. Different types of hospitals with different rules C. Increasing costs of treatment (high technology) have caused a crisis in hospital financing XVI. Social change and health care A. Medicine is still a male dominated occupational field C. Pay of medical specialties reflects society's values XVII. International comparisons of medical care A. What can we learn from other countries' successes and failures?
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Unformatted text preview: XVIII. Public health A. CDC (Center for Disease Control) B. Preventive health practices C. Health education XIX. Social and community psychiatry A. De-institutionalization and homeless mentally ill B. New, more effective psychiatric drugs C. Possible overuse of drugs for social control purposes XX. Legal and Ethical Issues A. Euthanasia (mercy killing, assisted suicide) B. Living wills to limit treatment C. Insanity defense D. Organ transplants E. Fertilization technology (surrogate mothers, sperm donors) F. Cloning (sheep, humans?) XXI. Health politics A. Extraordinarily complex!...
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