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Sociology of Medicine and Health CLASS 5 - Lecture 5 I...

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Lecture 5 I. Concepts of disease evolved from diagnostic process A. Doctors listen to patient B. Doctors examine patients C. Doctors describe symptoms and organizes them into clusters D. Doctors matches described symptoms clusters with typologies of known symptoms i. DSM – disorder manual – based on observation /not theory ii. Medicine in the Navy – “surgeon” 1. Cut off limbs 2. Took out teeth II. Best Diagnosis A. Includes theory of etiology (cause of disease) i. Many diseases we don’t know the cause B. Implies a theory of treatment i. Good diagnosis example – TB, bone fracture/breakage ii. TB – bacteria in the lung that causes bloody phlegm and fever III. Adequate Diagnosis A. Can observe symptoms accurately B. No good theory of causation i. Could also be a multiple of diseases C. Good treatment developed th\rough trial and error rather than theory i. I.e. – high blood pressure 1. Measuring systolic/diastolic pressure 2. Diastolic pressure a. At rest b. Arteries more flexible when younge4 3. Intra-arterial a. Best way to measure BP b. Small change 1QA\ of blood clot c. Use big arteries 4. Treatment (not all one case)
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a. Diuretics (pee a lot] b. Weight loss (hard) c. Beta blockers (relaxes the heart) IV. Poor Diagnosis A. No clear description, not theory of causation, not theory of treatment B. Examples i. Mental illness 1. Just look at symp1A\toms 2. I.e. Depression - sadness, physical fatigue
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Sociology of Medicine and Health CLASS 5 - Lecture 5 I...

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