Sociology of Medicine and Health CLASS 17

Sociology of Medicine and Health CLASS 17 - Sociology of...

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Sociology of Medicine and Healthcare Lecture Notes April 2, 2009 (More on Physicians Cont.) VI. Potential for conflict between doc and patient : Any potential conflict can decrease patient compliance. Ex: Patient may stop taking medicine because he/she thinks it doesn’t work. A . Conflicts worse for patients with low education: Doctors have higher education and lower class people are more passive when faced with authority figure like a doctor. Doctors have bigger vocabulary. VII. Increasing demands for accountability by third parties who pay the bills. A . Insurance companies: Insurance companies are asking for detailed info on where and how money was spent for treatment. Thus, docs spent more time filling out paper work than with patient care. This is frustrating the docs, B . Government health programs (Medicare and Medicaid) C . Business who buy medical care for employees D . Corporatization of medical care E . Marketing of medicine 1. Emphasize patient satisfaction: Most marketing of medicine emphasizes patient satisfaction. Many consumers get confuse, thinking that getting satisfaction from a doc is high quality care from a doc. Marketing of medicine is relatively new. Advertising of medicine among health professionals is still in its infancy. VIII. Determination of patient satisfaction A. Doc matches patient expectations - Docs that match patients’ stereotypes and expectations promotes patients’ satisfaction B. Good doc-patient interaction C. Patient satisfaction lower in certain settings - Large impersonal group practices, public hospitals. But it usually doesn’t matter because
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Sociology of Medicine and Health CLASS 17 - Sociology of...

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