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Reflection Paper

Reflection Paper - Christopher O Roman Modern High School...

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Christopher O. Roman Modern High School Math Reflection Paper 11/02/11 As I prepared for this group presentation, I discovered the value of communication in the classroom. Take oral communication as an example. As a future educator, I have learned the importance of getting my students actively engaged throughout their instruction. When students are a part of a discussion in the classroom, whether it is with the teacher or in a group with each other, they are given the opportunity to interact. This interaction leads to the exchange of a plethora of ideas from students to teacher, teacher to students, and students to students. As a teacher, the advantage one would gain from this communication would be to detect any holes or misconceptions within the understanding of the students. On the opposite side of the pole, interacting with each other would transform students into better thinkers and communicators in the future. This transformation is able to take place because when students interact with one another, they exchange ideas. These ideas are in turn subjected to thoughtful critiques, which
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