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Interpersonal relations paper

Interpersonal relations paper - Ben Jasper Parent Teen...

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Ben Jasper Parent Teen Relations Child Psychology Parent Teen Relations There are ten important components to a successful parent teen relationship. They are comprised of parents listening, remaining objective, talking to teens as an important individuals, knowing their lingo, listening to their music, getting a profile on their social network, getting to know their friends, really talking to them, keeping and open door policy and by spending time with them. Lets examine the first component, which is listening. It is essential that you as a parent really listen to what your teenager has to say; at this point in your child’s life there are many influences being placed on her/him and in order to understand what they are, you have to listen. “You have to listen to the point to where you can ask intelligent questions” and this way you will be able to understand what’s going on in their life ( Partridge).  It is also critical that you talk to a child on their level and not simply on parental terms. What this means is that you have to step back from being a parent in certain situations and instead of hounding on your teen for something talk to them about it as a friend. Parents will find that it’s very beneficial to take this approach so they can learn more about their children. The second component is remaining objective and not judging. Your teens are most likely not going to dress the way you dressed when you were young or listen to the same music. We live in a world where things are constantly changing, and that can be said for each generation of people. Each generation of teens have their own in particular trends that they take up so it is important to remain objective and do not pass judgment
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on your children. If you do, you are alienating them and in result can push them away. (Make sure you see your kids as the individuals as they are). The third component is to talk to your teens as intelligent individuals. Don’t talk down to your teens. It is important that you as a parent ask their opinion on things ranging from things as minor as what kind of food do they like to things as major as buying a house. It is important to encourage your teens to put their input on things because this way you can understand their opinion on certain ideas and events.
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Interpersonal relations paper - Ben Jasper Parent Teen...

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