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PopMusic Midterm - 1 Professor Ginny Yans Popular Music in...

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Professor Ginny Yans Popular Music in American History Midterm Alex Fafara Throughout the history of the world, music has had a strong impact on people . As the times in which people live change, so does the type of music they listen to . Most types of music form from a fusion of cultural styles of music, and social or political occurrences . Some, such as ragtime, form from both . Other music, such as African spirituals, can either be viewed as their own independent variety of music, or as an ingredient used to form a new type of music through fusion . It all depends on your perspective of how, or even why, certain types of music are created . Perhaps the biggest factor contributing to a fusion of music beginning to blend is historical influence . Not in the sense of writing music about what has happened before, but what historical social or political event is occurring, right there around you . For instance slavery, a major impact on America and its history, brought with it African music . This was mostly seen through work songs, and was composed mainly of vocal tunes, as the slaves being brought from Africa could not bring any real instruments with them . Once in America, the slaves made instruments out of whatever they could, and this was something that gave African music its own distinct sound . Work songs sung by the slaves were mainly a means of communicating, for instance when a group were needed to haul away a fallen tree . These songs were always sung in groups, no instruments, usually all men
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PopMusic Midterm - 1 Professor Ginny Yans Popular Music in...

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