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POP MUSIC 11/22/10 Intro approx 1 page Conclusion approx last ¼ page Technological innovations: (Jukebox?), Radio/Records, Electric Guitar, TV, Business: ASCAP 1941 Which Artists/entertainers attract wide diverse market? Elvis Presley, Sun records, Country: Nashville, Frank Zappa website? Big businesses copy small businesses to get the money from said successful small businesses techniques (make a cover artist). If that fails, buy the company/artist. EX: Elvis bought by RCA Chuck Berry popular by making lyrics understandable/accessible. Nothing too offensive. ASCAP (Artists Society for Composers And Publishers): interested in collecting money
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Unformatted text preview: for creative properties, ie lyrics or music. Succeeded in extracting from Radio certain amount of money each time song is played. Roayalties. ASCAP had a monopoly on music played through radio. Thought by going on strike saying radio cant use their music, but this leads to other non ASCAP artists (Sinatra) to come into being Radio Stars. (BMI) Little Richard didn’t make it to big record companies. He showed there was a market for them. HITLER CREATED ROCK AND ROLL (Nazi’s used Reel-to-Reel tapes as spy equipment) Young people record in their basements because it’s cheap and R2R was affordable....
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