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PopMusic Final - Alex Fafara Pop Music Final#1 Streaming...

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Alex Fafara Pop Music Final #1 Streaming Together Rock And Roll It has been said that rock and roll is the culmination of several different streams of music, including but not limited to Rhythm and Blues, Pop, Country, Soul, and Gospel . However, different types of music do not just simply weave themselves together and form an instantly successful new type of music over night . Many other factors may in fact have contributed to the creation of what we now refer to as “Rock and Roll” . These factors’ relationships o the actual music varied widely . Certain pieces to the puzzle, such as business practices and the media influenced the direction the music would take: if the music was received as ‘good’, the media would report it as such, and businesses and musicians would strive to come closer to achieving similar tastes . Market demand and technological innovations also shaped the flow of music . When the public demands more of certain instruments (such as guitars) then professional musicians and their business directors will use those instruments . Certain technological innovations increased the availability of music, as well as the variability of music . Some of the technologies invented during this time period include the radio, records, the electric guitar, and the television . Finally, one of the biggest contributions to the style of Rock and Roll is the arrival of certain musical groups or artists that were capable of performing for and entertaining a diverse populous of America .
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Phillip Ennis tells us in the book The Seventh Stream that, “At the end of World War II, the entire broadcasting industry decided that the moment for commercial exploration of FM radio and television had come, but an even more immediate delivery were radios and phonographs” (Ennis, pg 132) . Ennis goes on to say that the in home music contest that had been between radio, phonograph, and piano, was almost immediately won by radio . The new technology of radio and phonographs changed the way that people enjoyed music
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PopMusic Final - Alex Fafara Pop Music Final#1 Streaming...

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