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THEATER APPRECIATION 9/19/11 -PLAYWRIGHT Wright: a craftsman; molder or shaper Playwright- molds or shapes the play. Work begins after the script is written Several Drafts are required R&D- readings and workshops Playwright Ultimate creative artist in theater Others theater artists interpret his/her work Even when there’s no playwright, the writer is always present Impetus Compelling desire for an author to write his story Usually very personal and hard to discern Writing process varies from playwright to playwright Key Definitions Plot o Marking of events of the play o Action oriented Bill enters bar Bill orders drink Bill notices Susan Bill approaches Susan Title o Quick flash insight into the show o Not arbitrary o Could serve as Metaphor/Harbinger o (Examine titles of shows we’re seeing) o Set off using quotations or italics Christina Theater Company presents their new production of “Hamlet.” Paradox o An unexpected contradiction o Audiences enjoy these kinds of twists o Con movies are good examples The sting Catch me if you can Unusual Suspects Storytelling
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