Question Set, Odyssey, Book 11

Question Set, Odyssey, Book 11 - Introduction to Myth...

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Introduction to Myth Question Set, Odyssey , Book 11 Alex Fafara 9/10/11 1. “Where” is Hades? Describe it as a location according to the text. According to the text, lines 15 through 25, Hades is on the outer limits of the ocean, in a dark place where the Cimmerian people reside, where the sun cannot reach and everything is covered in mist. 2. Describe the rituals Odysseus must use to call up the shades to speak to him. The process for calling the shades starts in line 27, where Odysseus takes out his sword and digs a hole, which he then fills first with milk and honey, then with wine, and finally with water in lines 30 and 31, all while vowing to the dead that he would sacrifice a heifer and treasures for them when he safely returns home, as well as offering a special black ram for Tiresias in lines 35-37. After all of his vowing, he slits the throats of the two sheep that he had brought, and allows their blood to flow into the hole, beckoning the shades to come out of Erebus. 3. Describe the “gathering of the shades.” The gathering of the shades is a medley of the dead flocking to get a piece of the offering that Odysseus has made. Everyone from “brides, unwed youths, old men, young girls, great armies of battle dead still wrapped in bloody armor and weapons” (as told in lines 43-46) swarmed him, and he ordered his men to completely flay the sheep that he had sacrificed, and to burn them with prayers to the gods, in order to keep the multitudes of dead at bay. 4. Who is Tieresias? Why must Odysseus address him before he can speak to others in
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Question Set, Odyssey, Book 11 - Introduction to Myth...

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