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Monday September 20 - *Inclusive disjunction*--- Truth...

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Monday September 20, 2010 2.11 – do, but invalid page 53 Connectives -, Negation. -; F(a). a does not have property F --- Truth Table P | -, P T | F F | T ^ Conjunction. F(a) ^ F(b) a holds property F, and b holds property F. --- Truth Table p q | p^q T T | T T F | F F T | F F F | F v Disjunction. F(a)vF(b). a holds property F or b holds property F.
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Unformatted text preview: *Inclusive disjunction*--- Truth Table p q | p v q T T | T T F | T F T | T F F | F (p v q) ^ -, (p^q) PROBLEM SET 1 2.11 invalid tarskis 2,17- fitch 2.18- fitch 3.3 - tarskis Follow instructions carefully DUE WEDNESDAY, SUBMIT TODAY READ 79-89 ; 93-109...
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