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Homework+attachment+Problem+8-1 - new ideas Usually impede...

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Problem 8. Goal: Integrate your understanding of what the different forms of prior conceptions are and how they affect learning. Fill in this table: Type of prior conception What are they? How do they affect learning? What are the instructional implications? Consistent conceptions Conceptions that are compatible with new ideas Usually facilitate learning Help students activate prior conceptions, teach students to activate prior conceptions on their own, provide relevant instruction when students lack prior conceptions sufficiently, and teach retrieval frames. Fragmentary conceptions Conceptions that are different when asked different questions about the same concept. Impede learning through lack of consistency. Understand students’ alternative conceptions in order to develop better instruction methods. Alternative conceptions Conceptions that are inconsistent or incompatible with
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Unformatted text preview: new ideas Usually impede learning Provide clear examples avoiding ambiguous language, explicitly note common alternative conceptions, provide evidence, Novice conceptions Conceptions that are typical of students who are just learning Tend to impede learning Teachers should help students notice deep similarities between problems. Conceptual resources Conceptions that teachers can build on to help students learn difficult new ideas Facilitating learning Identify and use students conceptual resources. Core conceptions about knowledge and learning Basic conceptions about what knowledge is and about how people learn Depend on the specific conception, can facilitate or impede learning Encourage the conceptions that learning takes time and that knowledge is often complex and uncertain because these conceptions facilitate learning of many school topics....
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Homework+attachment+Problem+8-1 - new ideas Usually impede...

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