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Problem 13 26 - dollars When asked how the bank pays it’s...

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Alex Fafara Problem 13 Page 16 Erica’s conceptions of the banking system are flawed, based only on the experiences that she has had with it. At 14 years of age, likely she hasn’t had to acquire a loan for anything. If she has a savings account, which gains interest, perhaps her parents are still keeping track of it for her, and so she has no knowledge of the inner workings of how a bank system works. Until the 32 nd line, Erica seems to believe in a rather coherent conception of the banking system, that it is a rather large piggy bank of sorts: you put X dollars in, you can get X dollars out. If you borrow Y dollars, you must pay back Y
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Unformatted text preview: dollars. When asked how the bank pays it’s employees, if the money in the bank is a set amount, with no rates of change and has no credit system, Erica takes a long pause before saying she doesn’t know. At this point she realizes that her conceptions may be flawed, but she still has no inkling of how the system may be different than her preconceptions. Problem 26 Page 27 A. Repair Strategy B. Self-monitoring and Self-evaluation C. Text structure D. Explaining E. Self-regulation F. Elaborating G....
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