CW Memoir - Life Is Meant To Be Lived By Alex Fafara...

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Life Is Meant To Be Lived By Alex Fafara Everyone I’ve asked can tell me his or her favorite family vacation, the one that they remember the most. The location, the time of year, what their crazy brother did that they laughed about for months following. The vacation I remember most has a different inflection. I was twelve years old, the first week of August 2003. My family and I were on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls, at the summer convention of my father’s fraternity. The vacation started out amazingly. I had never been outside of the country before. Of course, I was looking forward to this, in part, because it was the convention. It was a look into my dad’s life. I know all, if not most, of the alumni who attend, even call them “Uncle” this, or “Uncle” that. They are my extended family, which I see on occasion throughout the year. One of the first nights that we stayed, there were rolling blackouts across Canada. I know this because my family, the fraternity alumni, their families, and I, were sitting comfortably in the hospitality room that we had rented from the hotel, watching the weatherman on television show us the vast darkness on the map, surrounding the one particular town in which we were staying. The adult’s would be all serious one minute, then laugh and look at “the young’uns,” namely my sisters and me, and ask, “Uh oh, what did you guys touch?” Over the next few days, we took a boat tour around the bottom of the falls, saw the local wine making vineyard (adults only of course), and did ordinary foreign tourism things like hitting up as many gift shops as possible, and taking pictures with the most mundane of things just because we were in Canada baby! But I don’t remember the trip
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for these fun, wonderful times. After the convention, after the vacation, after returning to my home, my mom sits me on the couch, and says, “Do me a favor.” My first younger sister, Theresa, had been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes before she began kindergarten, around the summer of 1998. She, my parents and I were at Bowler city, and things are fuzzy. All I remember is mom leaving, taking Theresa with her, and my dad telling me they were going to the hospital. For the next week or so, we visited her, strapped to machines and IV liquid. I was having an all right time, I mean she
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CW Memoir - Life Is Meant To Be Lived By Alex Fafara...

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