Fiction Chapter 1

Fiction Chapter 1 - As of Yet Untitled Final Length Unknown...

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As of Yet Untitled, Final Length Unknown Novel ~-:Chapter 1:-~ *yawwwwn* I woke up slowly, grudgingly. Tossing and turning I try to get back to sleep. Only a few more hours and I can get out of here. I glance at the clock sitting on the desk next to my cot. Only 2:17 pm. “Great,” I whisper. Well, sleep is no longer an option, now that speaking out loud has fully awakened me. I might as well go downstairs and see what the old man is up to. I stretch, yawn and scratch: all the basics of waking up after a good fifteen or so hours of tossing and turning on the worn out old cot that my old man rolled out of the closet for me to use. He’s had this thing forever. It smells musty and has springs sticking out all over the place. I’m genuinely surprised that I could endure so long lying on that thing, with only several bruises to show for it. But it sure beats having to be anywhere near that jerk. I suppose that’s not completely fair. He used to be a really great guy. A decorated hero in the war, a successful dentist with his own business, and a great house, anyone would have envied his life. Then he met mom. She was a beautiful waitress at the diner that he used to go to every day for lunch. It took a bit of determination, but he eventually convinced her to get a cup of coffee with him after she got off her shift. A few more nights of coffee, a movie or two, and eventually they were inseparable. The marriage was a small, tasteful thing; at least the way dad tells it. I even remember a little bit of the good old days. Dad would take me out camping on weekends, and he’d teach me all kinds of things. The story was always the same with him too, “today I’m gunna teach you how to fish. It saved my life in the war you know.” or, “alright kiddo, let’s build a
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fire! You know, it saved my life in the war.” He was always showing me things about nature that he learned or mastered while serving during the war, and even though I knew it probably didn’t actually save his life, I knew it couldn’t have hurt to know that information out there, and I always acted amazed. I remember coming home from school to mom baking cookies and telling me I can only have two before dinner, so I wouldn’t ruin my appetite. I remember waking up Christmas mornings and sitting under the tree, sorting out the presents before they woke up, so it would be easier to hand them out and get to opening them. The surprise I felt when dad led me to the garage for one last present, and seeing the bike that I had been hoping to get for years. So many wonderful memories. A few years ago things got shot to hell. Mom ran off with some airline pilot. Said she liked feeling free, that she can go anywhere with his company, and that she was tired of being in this go nowhere life. I didn’t know what had happened. But dad didn’t take it well. At all. He stopped going to work, and became an abusive alcoholic. Of course, I was the only
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Fiction Chapter 1 - As of Yet Untitled Final Length Unknown...

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