Fiction Chapter 2

Fiction Chapter 2 - ~ Pokmon Fiction Chapter 2-~ Im so...

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~-: Pokémon Fiction: Chapter 2:-~ I’m so stunned my brain can’t even make sentences good sounding. In the center of the garage, where my, or any car, should be resting, is a cage. A horrible, rank cage, I can almost see the stink lines emanating from it. Within that cage is a hideous creature. It’s sort of a mixture between a rabbit and a guinea pig, except about a foot high with light blue skin, whiskers, purplish spots on its back and legs, and slight spikes on its back and haunches. No fur, no scales, just bluish leathery skin, a bump of a horn on its face, and claws. “Um so, what exactly is this and… why did… how did you… where did you -” While I had been gaping, I tried to process that not only did this not look at ALL cared for, it was now mine . My old man had snuck close enough to * smack !* ow… smack me in the back of the head. “I won it at that there uhm, new casino. The gent I won it off gave me that there ball thing. Once I got it home I opened it, and this rabbit thing came out. I couldn’t figure out how to get it back in the ball thinger, so I got it this cage. Been taking care of it ‘ver since.” Yeah, it smells like it too. Based on the inside of the house, and the state of the cage it looks like the way he takes care of things. The ball is a small sphere, about the size of a baseball. One half of it is a metallic red, while the other half is a durable feeling white plastic. Through the center is a black stripe, with a button on one side, centered on the stripe between the red-and-white. “It looks like there’s a seam in this black stripe,” I observe out loud, “but I can’t open it.” The creature mewls helplessly in the cage, lying on its side, in its own filth, with its eyes barely open. I ask my old man, “What were you trying to do, kill this thing?” I duck before he has a chance to throw a punch, as I expected.
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“You shut yer yap boy, it’s not like I wanted to give you this beast.” My old man tries to regain his composure after being set off balance from missing the punch. “Then why did you take it? Why did you keep it here, and then use it as an attempt to convince me you didn’t forget about my birthday?” I ask, physically drained. “Well the gent I won it off told me that it was somethin’ like a ‘poker- man’. I thought it would help me win Texas Hold’m, at the high roller tables. Sorta like a lucky charm.” I sigh and facepalm. “A poker man? Really dad? You don’t suppose he might have said ‘Pokémon’ do ya? Because those are just a tad illegal.” “Huh… Thinkin’ back on it, yeah, it mighta been something like whatcha say. Good thing I gave it to you then, eh?” “Yeah, really great dad. Listen, I’ll take care of it so it doesn’t die, and I’ll keep it up in my room so neighbors won’t see, ok? The last thing we need is for one of your buddies to call the R.O.C.K.E.T. Gang.” The R.O.C.K.E.T. Gang (usually referred to as “the Rockets”) is a
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Fiction Chapter 2 - ~ Pokmon Fiction Chapter 2-~ Im so...

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