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Alex Fafara 4/26/11 Faded Friends (Revised) Patrick Thomas, the boy with all the gadgets. Mom said he was a bad influence. Steph Hendrix, my first kiss. Jonny Salib, the smart guy who arrived in 5th grade and earned all of the high school scholarships. Alex DeMarco, the boy who taught me how to ride a bike by racing me on foot. Mary-Kate Connors, my first sexual experience. Edwin Portillo, my first friend in high school, just because he liked my shirt. Patrick Sicangco, the boy who first showed me anime cartoons.
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Unformatted text preview: Victoria Garvey, my first crush. I waited too long to make a move, and since then we have both changed so much. James Pawson, my elementary school bully. Arthur Pizza, first to make me listen to what is now my favorite band. Stevie Rand, my girlfriend’s best friend until I drove them apart. Mike Alberque, the top Boy Scout in my troop. Scott Greco, my first best friend, since kindergarten. Introduced me to my first pair of naked breasts. Michael Marguccio, the class clown....
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