Alex Robert Hunter #2 Inference

Alex Robert Hunter #2 Inference - and for a correct answer...

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Alex Fafara Field Observation #2 Feelings/Inference I chose Pete as my focal student because when I cam to class today, I saw him reading Artemis Fowl before the morning meeting, and I remember reading and liking that book. However throughout the day (such as when raising his hand slowly, or playing with his hands in his desk) that I felt he wasn’t paying attention. Then when he was lolling over his chair I felt he wasn’t paying attention, but when he sat up and raised his
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Unformatted text preview: and for a correct answer, leading me to believe that he was just bored waiting for the class to catch up. This reminds me of the Oakes article, “Beyond Tracking,” we read for class, where she says: “Time differences appear both in the use of in-class time and in the time teachers expect students to spend on their homework” (p.33). So does this mean Pete may need to be in a higher tracked class? It is only 4 th grade after all....
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