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Alex Fafara Field Observation #3 Description Pete sits on his feet in his chair, similarly to how he sat last week. To begin the test, the teacher asks to see pencils in the air, and then markers in the air. She counts down, and begins a stopwatch. There is a flurry of paper flipping, and the students begin. Pete’s pencil moves quickly across his paper, and when the teacher says, “Switch!” the students exchange their pencils for the markers shown earlier. The teacher is walking around the classroom, and stops when she gets to Pete’s desk. She points at his paper and whispers something to him, and he stops working. When she comes over to him again she points at a few of his questions. After the test time is over, she calls on several students to give the answers of the columns in order. She gives directions on how to score the test, and asks who feels improved on either their one-minute or three-minute score. Pete is among those who raise their hands. He had however not switched from his pencil to his marker at the time the
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