Alex Robert Hunter #4 Description

Alex Robert Hunter #4 Description - Alex Fafara Field...

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Alex Fafara Field Observation #4 Description Pete is sitting on his knees in his chair, leaning over his desk to talk to and listen to the students at his table. He turns around in his chair to see the projector screen and to hear the teacher. When she asks for examples of how fractions are used outside of the classroom, he raises his hand. Before anyone can be called, there is an announcement over the PA, and then the lesson continues. Several students give examples, including science in mixing chemicals, baking using ingredient measurements, sharing, and using money. When a student at his table gives the scientist and science idea, Pete reinforces it with an example how many chemicals are being mixed together. The teacher tells everyone to “Write a fraction in your math notebook, then we will move on to pattern blocks.” The teacher then goes to the projector and uses a fraction given by a student to label it with words, such as numerator and denominator. While she is doing this, the back of Pete’s chair is nearly touching her leg, he is that close. When Pete isn’t raising his hand to answer questions, he is fidgety, but the teacher is looking
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This note was uploaded on 11/16/2011 for the course EDUCATION 200 taught by Professor Jenniferdelnero during the Spring '11 term at Rutgers.

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Alex Robert Hunter #4 Description - Alex Fafara Field...

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