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Alex Robert Hunter #4 Inference

Alex Robert Hunter #4 Inference - meaning.” Once the...

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Alex Fafara Field Observation #4 Feelings/Inference “Fractions” is always portrayed as a scary and/or difficult subject to learn, and so I was happy to see the students accepting it so easily, and I feel that the way the teacher started with “give reasons and times when fractions will be used in your everyday life” helped. It reminded me of Mehan’s article, “Beneath the Skin and Between the Ears: A Case Study in the Politics of Representation,” where he says on page 259, “Events in the world are ambiguous. We struggle to understand these events, to imbue them with
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Unformatted text preview: meaning.” Once the students had a reason to learn the material, they were more open to it. Also the teacher’s comments of smelling the smoke burning from the students thinking hard, while the answer is so obviously easy, made the students more easily approachable with the new work. From all the goofing around, it seems that they didn’t think it was “too serious,” and therefore had a good time while learning....
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