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HOOK: Walk in- DISABILITIES oh noes Hard hearing: headfones/earplugs No read: separate paper, use jumbles Blind: blindfolds/eyepatch Wheel chair: tape for walking, only let them sit, give them a route marked with tape Groups of 5-6 Inclusion is the practice of educating students with special needs for nearly the whole day in a regular class, as opposed to segregating them into special education classes. In a way, inclusion helps make educators and students aware of the uniqueness of each individual. This can be helpful for teachers wishing to apply differentiation in the classroom. SKIT 1 - CHARACTERS TEACHER… MR/MS/MRS. TEACHERFACE STUDENTS… AMY/BEN/JACK/JEFF/ CLASS Prologue. We’re going to perform a skit. Be prepared to evaluate the use of differentiation and inclusion in the classroom at the end of this lesson/skit. You are part of a class that has been learning about medieval War and King Arthur’s knights of the round table Teacherface:I’ll be playing the role of king Arthur and you will be my army. back in medieval times, the army had different positions for the soldiers depending on their rank Amy: What exactly do you mean by rank. Teacherface: ok ill give you an example, everyone stand up…form three rows… and form army ranks. This includes archers, horsemen, foot soilders etc etc. “king Arthur” or teacherface, then assembles them in a strategic manner, and explains why archers are at the back, horsemen in the front, knights in the middle etc. then order a CHARGE for the battle to commence. Teacherface: So as you can see class, each army had their own set of each type of soldier,
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Differentiation&Inclusion - HOOK Walk in...

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