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Educational Biography - Paper #1 Alex Fafara While I was in...

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Paper #1 Alex Fafara While I was in high school, my favorite teacher ended class one day by mentioning that his wife was the director of the spring musical, and how most, if not all, of the stage crew would be graduating at the end of the year. Seeing my favorite teacher searching for volunteers, myself and one other boy in my class eagerly raised our hands. I spent the next three years of high school as the manager of the stage crew, which gave me a sense of reason and purpose. It is important for students to have a direction and a sense of purpose while at school. This paper will cover my experiences of being accepted into the high school’s stage crew, the responsibilities that being a member entailed, and the fun that came from it, in relation to the reading by Dillard. Being accepted into the stage crew was not as difficult as I had assumed it would be. The day my teacher had informed us of openings, I went to the after school practice to see if it was for me. I was immediately approached by my teacher’s wife, and given the position of ‘co-manager and sound board’. Rather than being given a position that I associated with stage crew, such as moving sets or distributing props, I was given something I did not know about, but which always existed: manipulating the sound of the actors or music. Dillard (1987) writes about an incident that plagued her childhood: a monster that entered her bedroom to harass her every night, but upon further observation was revealed to just be the reflection off a car driving past her house. The discovery of
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Educational Biography - Paper #1 Alex Fafara While I was in...

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