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Feild Observation 1 Inference

Feild Observation 1 Inference - they learned During the...

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Alex Fafara Field Observation #1 Feelings/Inference The students seemed very interested in the subject material, whenever the teacher asked for volunteers to give her numbers for them to work with, most if not all hands went up. The students were not afraid to ask their teacher for help, often getting out of their chairs and walking up to her while she was helping another student to ask their own questions. The teacher was very kind and seemed very upbeat, she gave a lot of praise such as good job, nice work, and even a high-five. She was obviously joking about ‘smelling their brains smoking’ but it showed that the class didn’t have to be completely serious while
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Unformatted text preview: they learned. During the quiz, while I couldn’t hear what she was telling the students, or what they were asking, I assumed she was coaching them through the problem, helping the students to figure out how to do the problem for themselves. The students took the transitions from the review to the quiz to the division very nicely, not losing their enthusiasm. They also had time to unwind with their snacks and free reading from time to time, which seemed to keep them content. They were very well behaved, which I hadn’t expected upon arrival, and until the talking and fooling around toward the end of the lesson, did not need to be told to behave....
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