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Alex Fafara Lydia Davis The Lydia Davis reading was a bit different than I expected. I wasn’t prepared for the amount of people, and the fact that many of the people there were not college students, but people who have followed her work and were there excited to see her also surprised me. There were a few good stories that she read that I enjoyed, such as “Awake in the night,” “At the bank,” “The Piano,” “Dinner,” “The Grandmother,” and “PhD.” But there were a few that put me in a sluggish mood, a sleepy or bored mood, such as the one that I’m sure several of my fellow students have mentioned containing the cows. I did think that it was interesting that she put in all the work of observing the farm for years at different seasons and times, just for the one story, and the fact that many of the others
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Unformatted text preview: my age didn’t really connect with it. There was a set of short stories about airplane trips shortly following the cows story, and I really felt the “short stories” aspect from that clip. I couldn’t tell if it was about the same trip, all spoken by the same speaker, or if they were completely separate trials, but I really enjoyed this particular set. The entire reading was completely silent, not one of my favorite settings. It seemed, not necessarily more “professional,” but a higher quality of focus than most college hosted events I have attended. I didn’t leave early, and it ended with a round of applause. It made me appreciate her, and wish that I had read more of her work before hand....
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