Preliminary Educational Philosophy Paper

Preliminary Educational Philosophy Paper - Preliminary...

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Preliminary Educational Philosophy Paper Alex Fafara 1/24/11 What type of teacher do I want to be? The first word that comes to mind is “awesome”. But what does it mean to be an “awesome” teacher? Now, I do not claim to have any concrete knowledge of what key traits an ideal teacher may have, I have noticed similar traits in all of my favorite teachers. One such trait is their ability to be creative in their lessons. Another is how they are entertaining to the class. They don not take themselves too seriously, but they know how to have their class focus when something serious or important is being spoken about or worked on. I feel that the way I will develop these traits as an educator will come through time, as well as practice. Perhaps the most important lesson I want my future students to remember one year after I have taught them is that they can always come to me for help, for school related problems or otherwise. If I am teaching high school, as I hope to be, then after one year the students
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Preliminary Educational Philosophy Paper - Preliminary...

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