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Secondary Field Notes #3 Description

Secondary Field Notes #3 Description - Alex Fafara...

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Alex Fafara Permission to do 3 Observations at 4 hours each. Field Observation #3 Description The teacher calls attendance and asks the students if they did the homework. After the teacher finishes roll call, she announces that that we have a 4 th grader joining our class today. The 4 th grade girl is given the same work as the rest of the 6 th graders in class, with the same warm up and reference sheet. After the time for the warm up runs out, the teacher goes over the work, beginning by showing the short cut for multiplying by ten, one hundred, or one thousand. She also shows that the volume of an object does not change when you view it from another angle, by rotating a tissue box. The students use their reference sheets to locate the volume formulas. The teacher explains that 70% of the NJASK questions will be ‘detractor,’ for those who “jump on the right mathematical answer, but without thinking about the correct labels.” She then uses extrinsic motivation; awarding students who get all five questions correct a mini candy bar.
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