Secondary Field Notes #3 Inference

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Alex Fafara Permission to do 3 Observations at 4 hours each. Field Observation #3 Feelings/Inference The teacher’s statement of “That is the only acceptable answer, all others are wrong” struck me instantly as something I’ve learned over the course of this class as what not to say. However in math, this statement is true. It is not the answers that can vary, for the most part, but the method of finding them. If a student wants to multiply by ½ rather than divide by 2, they will still get the same answer. This caused me to review what she had said and what it may mean in the student’s learning and growth, perhaps longer than I should have during class. The next thing I noticed was that she likes to use bodily/kinesthetic methods of learning, this week having the students perform yoga poses over their books until they have the answers, and two weeks ago having the students get up and stand on the side of the room that represented what they viewed as the correct answer. This is one of the
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